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 boot strap solver

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PostSubject: boot strap solver   Thu Jul 23, 2009 7:05 pm

type command line:
start>run>msiexec /p MyPatch.msp REINSTALL=ALL REINSTALLMODE=omus


To correct the error do the following:

1.Double click on my My Computer so that a Windows Explorer Window opens.
2.In the address location, at the top of the window, type in: %appdata%
3.This will take you to the Application Data folder, which is normally hidden.
4.Browse to: Discover/Preferences (Meaning open the Discover folder and then open the Preferences folder within it.
5.Go to the View menu item for this window, and select "Details".
6.There Discover preference file that is corrupted will show up as being 0KB, when you look in the "Size" column for each file. The file will also end with the extension .pre.
7.Right click the file that is 0KB in size and select "Delete".
8.We now must recreate the new preference file. If the user type was a scanning or "Switch" user, then we must duplicate the file title "Discover Switch.dft". Right click on this file and select "Copy". Next right click in the window and select "Paste".
9.You should now have a new file titled "Copy of Discover Switch.dft". Right click on the file and select "Rename". Delete the words "Copy of ", including the space after the word "of". Change the extension from .dft to .pre. The new file should now read "Discover Switch.pre".
10.Restart the computer. Discover should now boot properly.
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boot strap solver
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