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  Future Loops House Fragments WAV REX

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PostSubject: Future Loops House Fragments WAV REX   Fri Dec 31, 2010 3:32 am

Future Loops House Fragments WAV REX 779 Mb

Over 300 House Full Drum Loops, 150 Live & Synth Bass Loops, 70 Real Percussion Loops, House Vocals, Synth, FX, 1000+ One-Shots and more! Future Loops presents "House Fragments", an extremely comprehensive sample pack designed to make you stir up any dancefloor!

This funky revival collection features the collaboration of Olivier Abbeloos, the prolific House producer behind a wide array of projects like Conga Squad, C-Mos, Cloud 9, Nu-Matic and the Holographic Music label.

"House Fragments" captures Olivier's talent and originality to bring you more than +4000 groovy samples! With over 2GB, "House Fragments" was developed with the user in mind, bringing you every element you'll need to produce high-quality funky house tracks:

Over 4000 samples in WAV and REX formats :
150 Funky Full House Grooves (with an additional 150 Fills Versions)
70+ Real Percussion Loops
150+ Live & Synth Bass Loops + 81 Synth Bass One-Shots
75 Special FX
75 Organ Loops + 224 Organ One-Shots
75 Synth String Loops + 225 Synth String One-Shots
75 Synths Lead Loops + 225 Synth Lead One-Shots
50 + exciting vocals to add color and personality to your productions!

Download from Hotfile:

hotfile.com Future.Loops.House.Fragments.part1.rar.html
hotfile.com Future.Loops.House.Fragments.part2.rar.html
hotfile.com Future.Loops.House.Fragments.part3.rar.html
hotfile.com Future.Loops.House.Fragments.part4.rar.html
hotfile.com Future.Loops.House.Fragments.part5.rar.html
hotfile.com Future.Loops.House.Fragments.part6.rar.html
hotfile.com Future.Loops.House.Fragments.part7.rar.html
hotfile.com Future.Loops.House.Fragments.part8.rar.html

Download from FileServe:

fileserve.com KtYaqvM/Future.Loops.House.Fragments.part1.rar
fileserve.com ZThgewV/Future.Loops.House.Fragments.part2.rar
fileserve.com DyzqhR9/Future.Loops.House.Fragments.part3.rar
fileserve.com avuvenc/Future.Loops.House.Fragments.part4.rar
fileserve.com gQu8tqj/Future.Loops.House.Fragments.part5.rar
fileserve.com 8eDa7zA/Future.Loops.House.Fragments.part6.rar
fileserve.com x6hgqSs/Future.Loops.House.Fragments.part7.rar
fileserve.com uBPJepx/Future.Loops.House.Fragments.part8.rar

Download from Uploading:

uploading.com Future.Loops.House.Fragments.part1.rar/
uploading.com Future.Loops.House.Fragments.part2.rar/
uploading.com Future.Loops.House.Fragments.part3.rar/
uploading.com Future.Loops.House.Fragments.part4.rar/
uploading.com Future.Loops.House.Fragments.part5.rar/
uploading.com Future.Loops.House.Fragments.part6.rar/
uploading.com Future.Loops.House.Fragments.part7.rar/
uploading.com Future.Loops.House.Fragments.part8.rar/

Download from FileSonic:

filesonic.com Future.Loops.House.Fragments.part1.rar
filesonic.com Future.Loops.House.Fragments.part2.rar
filesonic.com Future.Loops.House.Fragments.part3.rar
filesonic.com Future.Loops.House.Fragments.part4.rar
filesonic.com Future.Loops.House.Fragments.part5.rar
filesonic.com Future.Loops.House.Fragments.part6.rar
filesonic.com Future.Loops.House.Fragments.part7.rar
filesonic.com Future.Loops.House.Fragments.part8.rar
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Future Loops House Fragments WAV REX
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