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 Circus Ponies NoteBook 3.0v348

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PostSubject: Circus Ponies NoteBook 3.0v348   Circus Ponies NoteBook 3.0v348 Icon_minitimeSun Jun 07, 2009 6:09 pm

Circus Ponies NoteBook 3.0v348 000c9a78_medium

Circus Ponies NoteBook 3.0v348
Mac App | 15mb | RS,UPL,Hotfile

Is your desktop cluttered with files? Are you drowning in sticky notes? Boxes of note cards? 3-ring binders? Do you remember where to find that important web clipping? The brilliant idea or crucial instruction you scribbled on a piece of paper? Circus Ponies NoteBook is the award-winning application that helps Mac users manage all those bits of information that lack a good home. Whether it's the notes, clippings, and to dos of your life, or the e-mails, diagrams and spreadsheets of that important project, NoteBook helps you keep it all organized and accessible.

More than just an outliner or text processor, NoteBook is idea management software that supports Mac users at every stage of a project, no matter how large or small.

Store anything (and everything) in your Notebooks. The musings at the edge of a breakthrough idea. The e-mail with a colleague's crucial observation. The diagram you found on an obscure website. The spreadsheet with the fresh experiment data. Organize it all using the built-in outliner, or within notebook sections and subsections.

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Circus Ponies NoteBook 3.0v348
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