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 Work shop on network & securites

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Work shop on network & securites Empty
PostSubject: Work shop on network & securites   Work shop on network & securites Icon_minitimeFri Jul 24, 2009 9:48 pm

Workshop on Computer Network & Linux Technologies with Advanced Security Systems.

Workshop time: 2 days (6*2hours)

DAY 1st
Theory: 3hrs.

A] Introduction:
1. Why Network have so Importance?
2. Basic Concepts of Network. (Node, Server, Internet, Communication System)
3. Practical use of these Technologies.

B] The Big Picture:
1. Internet Infrastructure.
2. Introduction & configuration to network Devises. (Active Switches, Routers, Firewalls, Nat etc.)

Practical: 3hrs
[] Hands on network internet Infrastructure.
[] Basic Configurations over PCs, Servers & Routers.

DAY 2nd
Theory: 3hrs.

C] Linux & Network Systems:
1. Intro to Linux & its Versions.
2. Working on Linux as operating System.
3. Working RHEL Server over networks.

D] Advanced hacking & security:
1. Introduction to hacking terms.
2. Hackers 5 stages formula of Enumeration.
3. Securing systems from Outsiders.

Practical: 3hrs
[] Hands on 5 versions of Linux.
[] Hands on Hacking & security System Experience.

you can download document heare
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Work shop on network & securites
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