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 Advanced Workshope for IT professionals

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PostSubject: Advanced Workshope for IT professionals   Advanced Workshope for IT professionals Icon_minitimeMon Sep 21, 2009 10:02 pm

Section I : OS

Windows XP:
I) Win XP Standalone/Network Automation.
II) Services Management.
III) Backup & Recovery of data/Systems.
IV) Power & Enhancement Tools.
V) Editation & Deployment over network.

Windows 2k3 & 2k8 Severs:
I) Server administration/Maintanence.
II) Enhancement on ADS.
III) Server Vertualisation.
IV) Services and recovery Automation.


I) Server astablishment & Stabilisation of server over network.
II) Advanced File systems management.
III) Security Concerns & policies.
IV) System Monitoring.
Slackware & Backtrack:
I) Live environment.
II) Penitration Testing.
III) Monitoring system environment.

Section II: Network

Network Devises:
I) Layer 2 & 3 Configeration, Maintanence & monitoring.
II) Network & servises troubleshooting.
III) Access & Bandwidth management.

Section III: Sceurity
I) PEN test.
II) Monitoring servises & ports.
III) Trojen, Worm, spybot Detection & prevention.
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Advanced Workshope for IT professionals
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