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 editing boot.ini

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editing boot.ini Empty
PostSubject: editing boot.ini   editing boot.ini Icon_minitimeThu Dec 24, 2009 9:31 pm

By editing boot.ini we can change the way our windows system starts.We can edit boot.ini file in three different ways
1)Using System Configuration Utility
2)Using Startup and recovery Dialog
3)Using command line utilility bootcfg( for XP pro Only)

1)Using System Configuration Utility

Type msconfig press enter

Go to Boot.ini tab System Configuration Utility Window will appear

You can specify the Timeout(time for which system will wait for you to select OS from list after that it will start default one)in secs by default it is 30secs.

you can make various changes by selecting check boxes,radiobuttons and clicking buttons.

there are button s for makin it default,moving it Up and Down

checkbox for /SAFEBOOT enables you to start it in safe mode .we can start it in safe mode by using F8 menu at startup.With safe boot youcan select minimal or network from radiobuttons.

/NOGUIBOOT- windows will not start VGA driver for graphics

/BOOTLOG - creates a log file for boot

/BASEVIDEO-Windows will use standard VGA Driver for GUI

/SOS-windows will dispay build number no of processors,physical memory.

2)Using Startup and recovery Dialog

Right Click MyComputer
Click properties(or type sysdm.cpl in Run)
go to advanced tab
click settings under Startup and recovery
click edit under System Startup
Notepad file will appear make changes and save (it is advised to save a copy before makin any changes)
restart the computer in order for the changes to take effect

3)using command line utilility bootcfg

bootcfg utility can be used to configure,query,chnage or delete the boot entry settings in th bott.ini file

the format is

bootcgf / parameter

parameter can be any of the following







Goto Start-> Run
Type cmd in textbox and press enter
type bootcfg /? in commmand line for help
make changes using appropriate commands
to check changes go to startup and recovery dialog as described in step 3
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editing boot.ini
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