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 Vienna Symphonic Library Opus 1 Flute KONTAKT

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Vienna Symphonic Library Opus 1 Flute KONTAKT Empty
PostSubject: Vienna Symphonic Library Opus 1 Flute KONTAKT   Vienna Symphonic Library Opus 1 Flute KONTAKT Icon_minitimeFri Dec 31, 2010 2:52 am

Vienna Symphonic Library Opus 1 Flute KONTAKT | 587MB

The flute, or concert flute, has been used throughout history. Once a technically complete traverse flute with a satisfactory timbre had established itself, the amount of solo literature for the instrument increased dramatically. Composers began to explore the limits of the instrument, and experiments with different tone colors and means of articulation resulted in a whole new palette of playing techniques.
- Staccato with 4 Round Robin
- VSL original legato with improved script
- Replacement of Articulations via Modwheel like the Original VSL
- Works at a single midi channel
- Single interface without having to load multiple articulations separate
- Script to increase or decrease the speed of the articulations
. legato
. flatter crescendo
. forte piano
- This greatly facilitates the work when necessary to increase the speed or make legato crescendo faster or slower depending on the tempo of our music.
- improved interface
- Vibrato in all joints with the controller CC11 expression
The driver Speed has the midi learn feature with the right mouse button to assign it to any controller on your keyboard or Daw.


Download (Hotfile) VSLOpus1FluteKONTAKT.part1.rar.html VSLOpus1FluteKONTAKT.part2.rar.html VSLOpus1FluteKONTAKT.part3.rar.html

Mirror (FileSonic) VSLOpus1FluteKONTAKT.part1.rar VSLOpus1FluteKONTAKT.part2.rar VSLOpus1FluteKONTAKT.part3.rar
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Vienna Symphonic Library Opus 1 Flute KONTAKT
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